Friday, February 12, 2016



Hoyt-Barnum's Winter

Bear This
The Winter of Our Discontent
Winter's Kiss
Whither God has Sent
Tested Devotion to Forgotten Lives
To Hold Forth in This Cold Hour
How Much our Heart Strives
Amidst Infinite Particled Flowers
The Last Fight,  The Hard Fight
Where The Flowers Fall, The Wheels Turn
Reminding Us We are Damn Right
To Save to The Very Last
This Last Trace of Your Past

- Cort Wrotnowski, Save Hoyt Barnum House

So, we are appealing to you folks to help save this house. It's life is in where it originated and no other place.  Built in 1699, this house is the last of it's kind in Stamford.  A house built nearly 317 years ago poses too many challenges and unknowns.  Other attempts to disassemble and reassemble houses of this age have ended in complete disaster - despite the best of good intentions and planning.  This house needs to stay where it is.  With your help, we will make this house a cultural symbol of Stamford.

To learn more, and find ways to help, start by visiting our facebook page, Save Hoyt Barnum House.

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