Friday, February 19, 2016


To you the public, know that we are still calling, still seeking your help.  There is a phenomenal amount of work that must be done if we are to reach the public at all.  Know that the end of February represents a critical juncture.  If certain events do not break our way, this may fail.  Certainly, the biggest is the failure of individuals making up the public making a personal decision to step up and fight to save this house.  No fight, we lose. It's that simple.

We are fighting powerful forces and there is no assurance any one person can do it.  So, anyone reading needs to think long and hard.  Likes on Facebook are great, and we need them.  But it is nowhere near enough.  A dedicated corps, beyond what we currently have, is needed if there is any chance of success.  That's right, Hoyt-Barnum needs you.  We're still calling.

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