Hoyt Barnum Media Project

The Hoyt Barnum Media Project is a proprietary joint venture with Zone Television and BioSpark Associates.

This picture was taken during the first part of the record setting snow storm that hit Stamford on January 23, 2016.  New York City reported that the snow fall total came 0.1" short of tying the all time record.  That is one for the record books, as is the Hoyt-Barnum House, being 317 years old.

Imagine what the construction scene must have looked like when they started construction.

For the people about the disassemble this house, I hope they find the note like the one found in one North Carolina mansion many years ago.  When a crew showed up to demolish the house, under a stone fountain in the main entrance of the house, they found a note "We were better than you."

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  1. There are a number of works in progress for Hoyt Barnum. Some will get announced in a few days.